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Internal Medicine

Veterinary Internal Medicine for your pets

Pet patients sometimes develop the kind of complex internal illnesses and conditions that may require the specialized care of a veterinary internist. When your pet exhibits certain symptoms, your family veterinarian may recommend that you bring your pet to our Castle Rock board certified veterinary internist (internal medicine specialist) for help in diagnosing and treating both urgent and chronic illnesses.

The veterinary internal medicine specialty covers illnesses that involve your pet’s internal organs. These include the digestive system, kidneys, liver, lungs, spleen, and system (adrenal glands, thyroid, pancreas) as well as disorders of the blood, immune system, and infectious diseases.

We are pleased to share that board-certified Veterinary Internist Brianna Backlund, DVM, DACVIM has joined the Veterinary Specialists of the Rockies internal medicine department. As a board certified internist, Dr. Backlund is a veterinarian who has completed advanced study and training beyond veterinary school, including an internship and residency with a focus on diagnosis and therapy. She also completed a comprehensive examination to gain her certification.

Dr. Backlund will work with your family vet to provide the compassionate, seamless, internal medicine specialty care that your pet deserves. An appointment for your pet will entail a thorough examination and explanation of your pet’s condition and Dr. Backlund’s approach to diagnosis and treatment. As our in-house internal medicine pet “detective,” the doctor will use her extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art tools to diagnose the underlying cause or related causes of your pet’s illness and then provide treatment.

Dr. Backlund is also a skilled endoscopist and provides bronchoscopy, rhinoscopy, cystoscopy, and endoscopy services at Veterinary Specialists of the Rockies.

Meet Our Doctor

Brianna Backlund

Brianna Backlund,
DVM, DACVIM (Internal Medicine)

Diagnosing Your Pet’s Illness

To help diagnose your pet’s illness, we may look at your pet’s internal systems as the possible source of internal illness or underlying conditions, including:

  • Endocrine—For conditions including diabetes, thyroid, and other hormonal and metabolic disorders
  • Digestive/Gastrointestinal—For conditions affecting the digestive system, including the stomach, liver, pancreas, and intestinal tract
  • Hematologic—For conditions impacting the blood, bone marrow, liver, lymph nodes, spleen, or tonsils
  • Immune—For disorders causing joint swelling, anemia, and other symptoms
  • Renal and Urinary—For conditions affecting the kidneys and urinary tract that cause the body to be unable to flush toxins
  • Respiratory—For conditions affecting the lungs and the upper airway
  • And for the possibility of infectious diseases—These could be viral, fungal, bacterial, or insect-borne diseases

With the goal of maintaining or improving your pet’s quality of life, or to stabilize a chronic disease process, we may suggest therapeutic treatment. This could include prescribing a special medication or diet, or if oral nutrition is not possible, then intravenous nutrition or feeding tube placement may be recommended. Certain conditions may also require blood transfusions, supplemental oxygen, or other assistance.

If your pet exhibits multiple areas of concern, our Castle Rock veterinary hospital’s emergency and specialty care experts can provide additional assistance. We can also help you and your family veterinarian manage care and treat any pain that your pet may be experiencing.

My Pet Needs Internal Medicine Care. What Happens Next?

As pet parents ourselves, we understand that seeking treatment for a pet in distress can be stressful and we strive to provide compassionate care. Please consider us as a resource, and feel free to book an appointment directly with Dr. Backlund at Veterinary Specialists of the Rockies by calling 303.660.1027 (no referral is needed). Or feel free to have your family vet contact us. We are honored to be able to help pets and their people through these challenging times.

Meet Our Internal Medicine Staff