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pet emergency
phone number directions directions
pet emergency


Our resources are intended to provide help to pet owners. Below, you’ll find the form to register your pet before a visit, the ASPCA animal poison control phone number and website, as well as some additional resources. You may also wish to view answers to questions about emergency services and specialty services on those pages. And for payment options and more information, visit our FAQs page.

As always, if we can provide other assistance or if you have questions about your pet’s care, an upcoming appointment, or in case of emergency, please call us at 303.660.1027.



Before your pet’s visit with us, you may want to begin by filling out our online registration form to save time upon arrival for your pet’s appointment.

Animal Poison Control

If you think your pet has ingested something poisonous, call us or bring them in immediately. In the meantime, you can also contact the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline at 1.888.426.4435. Note that fees may be applied. See our list of things that are unsafe for pets to eat in our top 7 things to keep away from pets blog post). Call the ASPCA hotline, call us at 303.660.1027, or bring your pet in to our Castle Rock 24-hour emergency vet hospital right away. You can also view the ASPCA poison control site for more information.


Additional Resources and Important Pet Health Topics

Here are a few topics that we have covered to help you get information fast. If you need help or emergency care for your pet, please call us or bring your pet in immediately.

ER Welcome Information
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Create Your Own Pet First Aid Kit
You never know when you may encounter a pet medical emergency. Use our checklist of pet first aid items to be prepared for minor emergencies while camping, hiking, in your car, or in your home.
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Pet Medical Transport
Some pets can be a challenge to load and transport safely in a passenger car due to their size, temperament, or nature of the illness or injury. With reliable transportation by certified veterinary professionals, Pet Medical Transport can provide the help you need to transport your pet for emergencies, hospital transfer, or appointments.

Schedule online or learn more. For urgent needs, call 720.899.7114.