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Veterinary Oncology

Compassionate CANCER CARE for Your Pet

Getting the news that your beloved pet has cancer can be devastating. At Veterinary Specialists of the Rockies, we know how important your pets are because our pets are important members of our families, too. That’s why we work together with your family veterinarian to provide compassionate veterinary oncology for your pet’s cancer care. We will provide information to help you make more informed decisions throughout your pet’s health journey.

We are glad to share that board-certified Radiation Oncologist Jennifer Arthur, DVM, DACVR-RO (Radiation Oncology, Residency Trained in Medical Oncology) has joined our Castle Rock veterinary oncology department. An oncology consultation with Dr. Arthur will involve a thorough explanation of your pet’s diagnosis. Next, she will provide information on the many different treatment options available. These may include chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, cryotherapy or a combination treatment plan. In addition, Dr. Arthur will take a team approach, educating and empowering you to take the lead in the fight against your pet’s cancer, supporting you every step of the way.

Our Veterinary Oncology & Cancer Treatment Services

Dr. Arthur and her team can help you and your family veterinarian to not only treat your pet’s cancer, but also work together to manage and alleviate any pain or illness secondary to the underlying disease. Combining state-of-the-art oncology treatment options can dramatically extend survival times for some types of cancer. Veterinary Specialists of the Rockies offers a wide range of oncological diagnostic and treatment services:

  • Full staging capabilities, such as abdominal ultrasound, cytology, biopsy, thoracic radiography, and CT scan can allow for same-day staging information so you can make timely treatment decisions.
  • Traditional chemotherapy (one or more anti-cancer drugs) can help reduce symptoms and prolong your pet’s life, in the form of a pill or injection. We are equipped to handle and safely administer chemotherapy drugs to your pet.
  • Targeted oral chemotherapy can be used to provide tailored treatments for your pet to address unique tumor targets.
  • Bisphosphonate therapy may be used to treat bone pain.
  • Immunotherapy uses vaccines to activate the body’s own immune system to help it recognize and eliminate cancer cells.
  • Surgical oncology is available with our board-certified surgeon and medical oncologist working together to provide the best surgical options, post-operative support, and therapeutic care.
  • Radiation therapy is another potential way to control tumors locally. Dr. Arthur will provide a thorough consultation on this option and, if recommended, will refer pets and their families to a facility where radiation therapy is performed.
  • Anti-angiogenesis may be implemented to target blood vessel growth.
  • Cryotherapy may be used for local tumor control.
  • Clinical trials using experimental drug therapy will also be discussed if applicable to your pet’s specific condition.

What Is A Board-Certified Veterinary Oncologist?

Board-certified veterinary oncologists have achieved their doctorate in veterinary medicine and have completed multiple additional years of specialized training. This focused training includes an internship, rotating through different medical and surgical specialties, and a cancer-focused residency. Lastly, throughout their specialized training, veterinary oncologists must pass comprehensive examinations and meet publication requirements for board certification.

What Are Symptoms of Cancer In Pets?

Cancer symptoms in dogs and cats can have many different signs or no signs at all. For example, wounds that won’t heal, certain swelling or lumps, enlarged lymph nodes, an inability to walk or move normally, unexplained weight loss or gastrointestinal signs, or the presence of abnormal bleeding may be symptoms of cancer or other serious conditions. In some pets, there are few or no obvious signs. If you know your pet isn’t feeling well and something is not quite right, please ask your family veterinarian for their evaluation.

My Pet Has Cancer. What Happens Next?

We are pet parents, too, and know that this is one of the hardest things to go through. We’re here as a resource for you to book an appointment directly with Dr. Arthur at Veterinary Specialists of the Rockies by calling 303-660-1027 (no referral is needed). Or, feel free to have your family vet contact us. A pre-existing cancer diagnosis is not required before scheduling a consult with Dr. Arthur. We are honored to be able to help pets and their people through what can be a very difficult time.


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